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Economic Development

Promoting the advancement of economic development with polices that leverage existing relationships within the community, in order to develop new and meaningful jobs throughout the 2nd District of Cook County.


Advocating for expanded access to affordable healthcare as a human right for every resident of Cook County. 

Public Safety

Creating strong policies that foster criminal justice reform and supporting community based programs aimed at reducing recidivism, jail and detention center costs that empower all residents to become productive members of society by restoring their human rights.


Health & Hospitals

Resolution Declaring Racism and Racial Inequalities a Public Health Crisis in Cook County.

Small Business Commission 
With the disparities of minority contractors/vendors that are doing business with the County, this Commission was created to increase minority participation on contracts.

Census Commission

An ordinance to establish the Complete Count of the Cook County population knowing that there hard to count areas.

Cook County Youth Day

   Youth Day Consists of youth from all over the County joining their Commissioners to learn about the importance of civic engagement.


Sexual Harassment Amendment to Ordinance 
An amendment request for an additional mandatory  training for employees of Cook County. 

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